Headquarters in LA, USA

Office Add.: 1598 Long Beach Blvd (Unit 105#)Long Beach CA 90813


Cellphone: +1 626-525-8888

Immigration Consultants in Shanghai, China:

Jessica Biao  Cellphone:18801621971    WeChat: K1580214698    Email:

Tivona Liu     Cellphone:13995525091    WeChat: Tivona_Liu    Email:


Wuhan, China

Office address: 5th floor, diamond building, No.36 Jianghan Road, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Tel: 027-82960030

Wechat: thlusa


Please note that for the time difference, if you are in China, contact the Immigration Consultant in Shanghai first.

Immigration Consultants’ Job Duties:

Be responsible for responding to all questions from immigrant investors on behalf of the company, including immigration progress consultation; and contacting and communicating with the co-counsel in charge of submission; contacting with the employees in Shanghai and Wuhan, China.

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Our email:   Wechat: THLUSA (for the time difference, sorry for the late reply)