Company Project 

Hawaii City Plaza

Project introduction:

The project has 184 condominiums and some business units. It is a commercial and residential project. The total height of the building is about 250 feet.


Projects completed before 2019: Planning approval, construction drawing design, foundation engineering construction permit approval, house pre-sale permit.

The project has started in March 2019.

Due to cooperation with the soil report project of the Hawaii Health Bureau, and the impact of CV-19.

The project has been stopped for 3 years. The soil report has been processed and completed.

Currently readjusting construction drawings and reapplying for construction permits.

Plan to resume construction time: May 2025, It will be completed in December 2027.

View of the street view of the project in HONOLULU: Click here


Project related attachments:

1. Business Development Plan of the project for September 2023

2. Construction project general contractor cost of the Project for September 2023

3. Project Brochure for September 2023

4. The latest planning map for the project in May 2023

5. Business Development Plan of the Project for May 2023

6. Economic report update 03-09-2023

7. Rendering of the project from 2015 to 2022

8. Business Development Plan of the project for February 2021

9. Total Construction Cost of the project for February 2021

10. Land Value Evaluation Analysis Report of the project for February 2021

11. Residence Type Introduction of the project

12. Condo Map of the project

13. Parking No. for Each Unit


Govenment Documents of the Project:

1. Foundation Building Permit of the project

2. House Pre-sale Document 2 of the project

3. House Pre-sale Document 3 of the project

4. Special District Development Permit of the project

5. Resolution of the project

6. Establishment Health Management Plan (EHMP) of the project

7. I-924 Approval Letter of the Project (issued by USCIS)


Documents related to the parcels of project:

1. Information about land transactions in 2015

2. Land Title Report (710 Sheridan Street Honolulu)


Construction lans:

1. Construction Drawing

2. Construction drawings of foundation works

3. Structural engineering construction drawings

4. Water SupplyFire FightingAir Conditioning Construction Drawing

5. Electric construction drawing

6. Civil construction drawings

7. Sewage engineering construction drawing

8. Garden engineering construction drawing

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