Company Project 

Holiday Plaza

Project Name: Holiday Plaza

Project Address: 9911 VALLEY BLVD, EL MONTE, CA 91731

The project is located opposite: Los Angeles EL MONTE Holiday Hotel, this is a project invested by the California Investment Regional Center Holdings. This project is for the purpose of supporting the Holiday Hotel and changes the surrounding environment of the project. The project is currently in the planning application, and the project plans to invest in a 4 High-rise mixed-use commercial and residential projects.

There is a business on the first floor.

The first floor is equipped with parking spaces for commercial and CONDO apartment buildings.

32 units of CONDO planned for the 2-4 floor.

Plan approval plan for 2022.

Plan to start construction in 2023.

It is planned to be completed in 2024.

Schematic design of Project: Click Here



Special Note:
Holiday Plaza project is a supporting project for Holiday Inn and the re-investment of its EB-5 investors. The project is currently in the planning concept design stage, and the company plans to sell the Holiday Inn before considering the purchase of the land for the proposed Holiday Plaza project, 9911 Valley BLVD.
According to the American investment immigration law, the real estates in any EB-5 project can be sold freely after two-year construction jobs have been completed. However, after the completion of the Holiday Inn sales, part of the funds need to be reinvested. The reinvestment can be in the form of loans to invest in any project, or  continue to buy a land for the development of new real estate projects. Therefore, Holiday Plaza project is a reinvestment project. The Holiday Inn project will be only sold its real estate and brand, not the project company - 9920 Valley Blvd LP. The Holiday Plaza project will continue to be invested and developed by EB-5 investors of 9920 Valley Blvd LP and California Investment Regional Center, LLC. The EB-5 investors of Holiday Inn will be all transferred into the new project and reinvest in the  Holiday Plaza to continue creating new jobs until the last EB-5 investor’s I-829 approved.