Company Project 

Hawaii Honolulu Alamoana Project

Project investment scale: The total development construction area is 160,000 square feet, high-end apartment buildings, first-floor commercial and retail businesses.

Land area: 45,000 SQ FT (1.032 acres)

Building height: 220 FT

Basic function information of each floor:

A. The first floor planning and design include: hotel lobby, restaurant, retail store, bar, coffee house and other supporting facilities.

B. Parking lot on floors 2-5.

C. Public space on the 6th floor, swimming pool, gymsky garden. Resident activity space.

D. 6-20 floors are 132 units of residential functional houses CONDO planning and design.

The project plans to start construction of the foundation works in June 2022 and is expected to be completed in June 2024.

Effect picture of project planning:  Click here

Project planning drawings:  Click here

View of the street view of  the project in Honolulu: Click here